The House of the Week, 25932 Goose Neck Rd, Royal Oak

Nestled in the heart of Royal Oak, a stone’s throw away from the picturesque St. Michaels, lies a property that redefines waterfront living on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It’s my pleasure to share insights into an exceptional home that captured the attention of renowned writer Jennifer Martella in her recent feature for The Talbot Spy, “House of the Week: “The Merryland”.”

About the Author and The Talbot Spy:

Jennifer Martella has earned acclaim for her keen eye for architectural beauty and her ability to narrate the unique stories behind extraordinary properties. The Talbot Spy, a respected local publication, serves as a platform for insightful articles that delve into the heart and soul of our community, making Martella’s work a must-read for anyone passionate about real estate and architecture.

Highlights from the Article:

Martella’s piece sheds light on a breathtaking waterfront home that stands as a testament to the architectural heritage and serene landscapes of our region. Key highlights include:

Architectural Mastery: Designed by the esteemed Charles Goebel, the home features a captivating cedar-shake exterior, reminiscent of the grandeur of Newport’s historic cottages.
Waterfront Splendor: The property boasts a prime location on Plain Dealing Creek, complete with a deep-water dock that promises endless nautical adventures.
Luxurious Living Space: With over 6,000 square feet of living area, the home offers spacious elegance and meticulous craftsmanship at every turn.


My Perspective:

As a real estate broker deeply rooted in Maryland’s Eastern Shore, I’m continually in awe of the unique properties that dot our coastline. This home, with its blend of architectural finesse and waterfront luxury, represents the pinnacle of what our region has to offer. The thoughtful design and attention to detail resonate with those who seek not just a house, but a sanctuary that echoes the natural beauty and tranquility of our shores.

Engage with Us:

What are your thoughts on integrating historical architectural elements into modern homes? Do you see waterfront living as the ultimate lifestyle choice on Maryland’s Eastern Shore? Share your views in the comments below; let’s start a conversation about the future of luxury living in our cherished community.

Acknowledgments and Further Reading:

I extend my gratitude to Jennifer Martella for her captivating article and to The Talbot Spy for highlighting the gems of our region. For a more detailed exploration of this exquisite property, I encourage you to read the full article here.

If you’re enchanted by the beauty and elegance of waterfront properties or if you’re seeking your dream home in Talbot County and beyond, I’m here to guide you through every step. As your dedicated real estate partner on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, I’m committed to finding a property that resonates with your lifestyle and aspirations. Reach out to me, and let’s make your real estate dreams a reality.  Take a closer look at the property here.

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