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Hi there! I’m Julie

a techie turned real estate professional who believes that buying or selling a home can be an easy and joyful experience.

My mission is to help you buy or sell your home with ease by offering a compassionate, client-focused experience rooted in expertise.

All so you can make the best decision for a confident future.

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The Journey Starts with You

For me, real estate is interesting because it’s about people: It represents their new beginnings, hopeful dreams, and desires for the future.

Growing up in Easton along the Chesapeake Bay, this interest was nurtured by the town’s tight-knit community – a place where porch sitting is real and neighbors treat each other to delicious seafood dinners while swapping stories around a bottle of wine.

But I didn’t discover real estate until after I graduated college and moved to Colorado as a bright-eyed 20-something to work in tech.

The area’s beautiful properties and diverse population reminded me where my heart really lay. I knew I couldn’t wait to start doing what I loved: Supporting people’s new beginnings.

Taking a leap of faith, I got my real estate license, quit my job in tech, and moved back to Maryland to raise my son, determined to make a difference in people’s lives through real estate.

But I quickly discovered something was missing from the typical approach to real estate that I encountered in every brokerage with which I partnered.

I noticed that genuine care for a person’s goals and story – putting their interests ahead of the bank account ­– was replaced in so many home buying or selling experiences with a focus on the agent’s accomplishments, numbers, or the end result.

I knew there had to be a better way - one that achieved the result while caring for the person and their story.

My Motivation

Over twenty-five years – having weathered all the market ups and downs and welcomed the positive impact of technology on the industry – I developed a client-focused approach that recognized that the impact of real estate was deeper than just the result.

I founded Shore Living Real Estate, because I believe that a real estate journey pairing genuine relationship with honesty and expertise is the key to designing a life you love.

My favorite moment in real estate is when clients realize that they’ve truly found their home. Their faces light up as they are infused with energy to step confidently into their next chapter.

This expression of delight never loses its charm for me.

Today, I am more excited than ever about real estate’s potential to be a joyful experience. This motivates me to continue serving as a trusted guide in real estate, giving you a tailored experience where you get the right advice and a friendly face who won’t let you settle for second best.

Because your legacy is worth it, and what’s important to you is important to me.

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Fast Facts About Me:

  • I’m a proud mom to a son who is my world.
  • I have a secret desire to be a dog mom to a pack of Great Danes. 
  • I’m a self-taught glass blower who revels in creating glass beads and jewelry.
  • I’m an introvert who loves people but craves quiet evenings at home for rest and rejuvenation.
  • I enjoy bringing the latest tech and systems to my brokerage – without losing the human touch that makes the Shore so special.
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